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Everyone knows that surviving in the restaurant business can be brutal. Vacation towns, in particular, see a steady flow of new ventures. Even when the name outside remains the same, it’s no guarantee that the owner or the chef hasn’t migrated elsewhere. For this reason, rating restaurants is not what Snapper Cheeks is about. If it’s up-to-date critiques on food and service you want, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable are at your service. If you want to learn more about the story behind the restaurant, you’ve got us. 

8 Ways to Get Fed Faster

“Small Town, Big Beach” may be the Gulf Shores motto, but, like most beach towns, it’s only small in the ‘off’ season. ‘In’ season, the number of people in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach quadruples. And even though most visitors rent condos with kitchens, come […]

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Royal Oyster Bar

You can find the Royal Oyster Bar sitting just below the southbound lane of Gulf Shores Parkway (aka Hwy 59) on the edge of the Little Lagoon. Go a few hundred yards farther south, and you’ll end up at its much larger neighbor. Both specialize […]

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Fishermans Corner

Sitting just over, and almost under, the northeast end of the Theo Baars Bridge is a little place called Fisherman’s Corner. Aptly named, it was once a bait and tackle shop. But that was before the BP oil spill in 2010. Later that year, businessman […]

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Anchor Bar and Grill

If your navigation of Orange Beach consists of turning left onto Canal Road after crossing the toll bridge, hanging a right at the Tom Thumb, and then spending the rest of the week trolling east and west on Perdido Beach Boulevard, you’ve probably never set […]

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The Gulf

If I’m going to blog about Gulf coast restaurants, there’s no better place to start than The Gulf. This quirky, re-purposed freight container establishment sits at the west end of the Perdido Pass bridge. ‘Location, location, location,’ certainly applies. You won’t find a better, more […]

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Bill E’s Bacon

When a menu boasts locally-sourced ingredients, the source can range from just around the bend to 100 miles away. Around here, it’s likely to be pretty close. The area is lush with farms, pecan groves, freshly caught seafood, and locally harvested oysters. It’s also home […]

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